Customized Promo CufflinkPromotional Cufflinks and Tie Clip

Cufflink, also cuff link or cuff-link, is an item of male jewelry and it is used in dress shirts in lieu of buttons on the sleeves. With a relatively recent innovation in male attire, cuff link has replaced the old-fashioned button and silk knot. Cuff link is currently in vogue for formal male wear, and requires that the dress shirt be made with French cuffs whose sleeve ends are longer than the arm to the wrist and may fall to the knuckles when uncuffed. The sleeve is folded back one turn, and then clipped together with the cuff link through the ‘buttonholes,’ a misnomer here, since there is one hole on each side and no button.

Promotional CufflinkCustomized Promotional Cufflinks 

Cuff link can be made with motif (as a decoration) on one side, with the undecorated side being the mechanism — usually a bar that rotates horizontally to prevent the cuff link from slipping back through the buttonholes. The decorated side should goes on the outside. That is, with your arms at your sides, the decorated side of the cuff link should be visible and the mechanism side hidden. Cuff link has been leading men’s fashion since the 1880s when different countries have started doing their own mass production of this pair of timeless classic accessory. It wasn’t long after when US businesses started giving cuff link as incentives to their performing male employees and even as gifts to clients. Nowadays, cuff link is regarded as a man’s status symbol, or standing for a company’s image.


Customized Promo Tie ClipPromotional Tie Clip Your Brand

A tie clip, sometimes called tie bar, tie slide or tie clasp, is also an item of men’s jewelry. It is used to keep a necktie attached to the underlying dress shirt, preventing it from flapping, swinging or falling, ensuring the tie hangs straight, and thus presenting a neat appearance.
Unlike a tie pin, which must penetrate the tie to keep it securely fastened, a tie clip slides through both shirt and tie without penetration. The tension of the spring clip is usually light enough to prevent damage to the fabric. Rising to prominence in the 1920s, the tie clip gradually replaced the tie pin.
Tie clips are usually spring-loaded on one end to provide tension and slide horizontally across the tie for security. The front of a tie clip can be plain or decorated with motif.


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